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Commercial / Industrial

Cognex Corporation

Lobby Renovations

JM Coull was selected by Cognex to perform complete renovation of the main lobby at the company's headquarters in Natick. Renovation to the elevator lobbies on the second, third, and fourth fl oors are also included.

Project Features
  • New finishes & furniture
  • New lighting
  • Glazing system with custom film
  • Glass-enclosed conference rooms
  • Glass railings
  • Expansion of first-floor product display area, including robotics display
  • Three-story, 3D illuminated pixel wall
  • Musical stairway
Location: Natick, MA
Value: $2.0 million
Size: 10,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects


Second Floor Renovation

JM Coull renovated the 30,000 sf second floor of Sensata's US headquarters, reconfiguring the space to accommodate additional administrative areas to support the company's growing operations. The project features a light, modern design and was successfully completed in two major phases while keeping relocated staff and overall systems operational at all times. Sensata is a high-tech firm specializing in the production of mission-critical sensors and electrical protection for dozens of industries such as aerospace, agriculture, military, satellites, and alternative energy, among others.

Project Features
  • New executive board room
  • Multiple executive suites
  • Additional offices & cubicles
  • New, updated finishes throughout second floor
  • Updated MEP & fire protection systems
Location: Attleboro, MA
Size: 30,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect/Engineer: SCI-X Science Studio

Ross Express - Sutton Warehouse

New Warehouse & Offices

JM Coull constructed a new warehouse, distribution, and office facility for Ross Express in Sutton, MA.

Project Features
  • 13,000 sf total
  • New cross-dock building - warehouse space & offices/administrative areas
  • New MEP systems
  • Lighting
  • Masonry
  • Roofing
  • Painting
  • Landscaping
Location: Sutton, MA
Size: 13,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Woodbrier Associates

Ross Express - East Granby Warehouse

Cross Dock Express Distribution Center

JMC constructed this new 14,000 sf distribution facility for Ross Express in East Granby, Conn. The new building supports the company's shipping operations throughout New England.

Project Features
  • 14,000 sf total
  • 24 overhead doors – 12 on each side, allowing efficient transfer of materials between trucks
  • Sewer & water line redesign
  • Project delivered on time & within budget
  • Four 1-MW Caterpillar standby generators
  • Two cooling towers
  • Two rooft op units
  • Installation of pumps, VAVs, and 12" PVC piping
  • Accommodated second project added midway
Location: East Granby, CT
Value: $1.9 million
Size: 14,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Richard P. Decoste Architects

New Balance - New Café

Renovations for New Café

JM Coull renovated approximately 4,500 sf of existing space to create a new café and restroom areas for New Balance. The upgrades to the former mill building brought the existing areas up to current standards.

Project Features
  • 4,500 sf total
  • New serving stations & equipment
  • "Grab & Go" station
  • New seating
  • Exposed brick & wood floors and ceilings of original mill
  • Bathroom renovations
  • Performed in operational, occupied building
Location: Lawrence, MA
Size: 4,500 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: J. Ferrera Associates

New Balance - Office Fit-Up

Office Fit-Up & Sprinkler System Replacement

This historic mill building required the removal and replacement of the entire sprinkler system. To accomplish the work, JMC constructed a "swing space" for the phased, temporary relocation of more than 300 New Balance employees.

Project Features
  • 500,000 sf total
  • Complete upgrade of existing sprinkler system, including installation of 11 miles of sprinkler pipe
  • Office fit-up of vacant space to create swing space for employee relocation
  • Completed ahead of schedule – 3 year construction schedule was originally planned; work completed in 18 months while enabling client to still pay over original 3-year duration
  • Performed in occupied, operational building
  • Completed in historic brick mill building
  • Located in congested, urban area of Lawrence, aff ording very limited exterior laydown area
Location: Lawrence, MA
Size: 500,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: J. Ferrera Associates

New Balance - Boiler Replacement

Boiler Replacement

The boiler replacement project came about while JMC was already on site working on a sprinkler replacement project for New Balance. While performing the sprinkler work, the building's two boilers failed, and needed to be replaced immediately in time for the upcoming winter.

Project Features
  • Replaced two existing 500 HP boilers with two 350 HP boilers
  • Installed Quadraplex pump boiler feed system for greater reliability
  • Removed existing boilers, equipment, and boiler room walls
  • Replaced existing boiler pad and boiler room slab on grade
  • Removed CMU and precast enclosure to reveal heavy fuel tank
  • Installed all required piping, fittings, valves, pipe insulation, and controls
  • Installed all gas piping and venting and fuel oil piping
  • Provided 3-ft x 120-ft dual wall Metalbestos exhaust stack and necessary breeching
  • Installed all louvers and dampers for combustion air and boiler room ventilations
  • Relocated roof drain line
  • Installed floor drains in the boiler room
Location: Lawrence, MA
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Mechanical Construction Services


Office Upgrades

This project involves upgrades to finishes and reconfiguration of the existing 78,000 sf building to consolidate down to 58,000 sf as part of a "give back" on ADP's lease.

Project Features
  • 58,000 sf total
  • Demolition of existing auditorium for conversion into new meeting room
  • New offices, cubicles, conference rooms, and kitchenette
  • Custom finishes/artwork
  • Retrofit of existing MEP systems with additional electrical panels and transfer switch
  • Additional egress provided – removal of existing window to construct new exterior stairs and door at new meeting room
  • Performed in six phases, providing swing space for employee relocation during construction activities
Location: Marlborough, MA
Size: 58,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Nelson Architects

National Oceanic & Atmospheric Association

Greater Atlantic Region Fisheries Office

JM Coull was selected to construct a new 97,000 sf facility for NOAA to house the organization's fishery operations, Habitat Conservation and Restoration Departments, and Protected Resources Department. The Gloucester office hosts a variety of regional events through its outreach program, and the facility's museum serves as a venue to educate the public on marine life and conservation efforts.

Project Features
  • 97,000 sf total
  • Offices & administrative areas
  • 86,000 sf four-story main building
  • 11,000 sf annex
  • Museum space for fishery displays & information
Location: Gloucester, MA
Value: $15 million
Size: 97,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: 4240 Architects

US Citizenship & Immigration Services

New Office Building

JM Coull demolished the existing seven-story abandoned Lincoln Foods mill in downtown Lawrence to construct a new 62,000 sf office building for USCIS, the second of its kind in the state. The facility was built to increase access to USCIS's services throughout Massachusetts to assist those seeking to become US citizens. The Lawrence facility manages the application and interview process of its clients.

Project Features
  • Office space
  • Naturalization ceremony room
  • Waiting & consultation areas
  • LEED Silver Certified
  • Meets federal blast mitigation standards
Location: Lawrence, MA
Size: 62,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Gorman Richardson Architects

FW Webb - Boston Facility

Warehouse, Distribution, and Wholesale Facility

JM Coull helped FW Webb, a leading plumbing supply company with locations throughout New England, expand into Boston by completing work on a new, two-story building.

Project Features
  • 47,700 sf total
  • Offices
  • Showroom
  • Warehouse/distribution center
  • Hybrid solar/geothermal system
    • 30 roof-mounted solar panels
    • Closed-loop geothermal technology
  • Photovoltaic system
  • LEED certifi cation standards met
Location: Boston, MA
Value: $7.5 million
Size: 47,700 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Design Science

FW Webb - Springfield Facility

Warehouse, Distribution, and Wholesale Facility

JMC provided design-build services for FW Webb's branch facility in Springfield, MA, which incorporated a solar energy system.

Project Features
  • 67,000 sf total
  • Showroom
  • Office space
  • Warehouse
  • Self-serve area
  • 302 kW rooftop solar photovoltaic system – off sets more than 430,000 pounds of carbon dioxide emissions annually, $38,076 first-year electrical savings
Location: Springfield, MA
Value: $7,000
Size: 67,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Design-Science


Merrimack Facility Expansion

GT Advanced Technologies, a global provider of technology and materials for the solar, LED and other industrial markets, expanded production capacity at their world headquarters in Merrimack, NH.

Project Features
  • 37,500 sf total
  • 9,500 sf addition
  • Renovations to existing building
  • 12 new furnaces
  • Four 1-MW Caterpillar standby generators
  • Two cooling towers
  • Two rooft op units
  • Installation of pumps, VAVs, and 12" PVC piping
  • Accommodated second project added midway
Location: Billerica, MA
Value: $34 million
Size: 140,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management
Architect: Industrial Facilities Design, Inc.


Executive Office Fit-Up

JMC performed this 13,000 sf executive office fit-up, incorporating many highend and custom finishes, such as a back-lit, glass cube accent wall in the reception area.

Project Features
  • Board room with custom media wall
  • Executive conference room
  • Tel-video conference room
  • Private offices
  • Specialty LED lighting
  • High-efficiency, ultra-quiet HVAC system
  • Fireproofing
  • Completed on compressed schedule
Location: Nashua, NH
Value: $2 million
Size: 13,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: ci design


Salem Office Fit-Up

JMC completed this project as the first of several for GT Advanced Technologies. This scope involved a complete fit-up of the company's Salem, Mass location.

Project Features
  • 15,000 sf total
  • Open office area
  • Conference rooms
  • Private offices
  • Reception area
  • Storage facilities
  • Server room with raised flooring & self-contained air conditioner
  • Systems brought up to revised codes
Location: Salem, MA
Value: $1.1 million
Size: 15,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: ci design


Personalized Health Innovation Center of Excellence

JM Coull was selected by PerkinElmer to construct the company's new $14.9 million center of excellence in Hopkinton, where PerkinElmer's operations were consolidated from its California, Chicago, and Montreal locations. Nearly every square inch of the existing facility underwent renovations while a 40,000 sf addition was simultaneously constructed.

Project Features
  • 40,000 sf, two-story office addition – executive and corporate offices, conference and training rooms, fitness center with locker rooms, and cafeteria
  • 15,000 sf warehouse addition & infill – automated racking system, new offices, and manufacturing space
  • 16,000 sf lab & office renovations – three new labs, new offices, and new MEP and process systemsy
  • 7,000 sf clean & non-clean production space – ISO 5 and 6 cleanrooms, upgraded electrical system, roof membrane replacement, and new power generator
Location: Hopkinton, MA
Value: $14.9 million
Size: 78,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build and Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects


New Innovation Center

JM Coull was awarded this contract by E Ink to renovate and consolidate two existing buildings into one 140,000 sf facility to house the company's new Innovation Center. The new two-story building serves as the US headquarters for this growing supplier of materials and technology for the electronic display industry.

Project Features
  • 70,000 sf research lab & pilot production space
  • 70,000 sf administrative space
  • Bench-top & walk-in organic chemistry fume hoods
  • Multiple energy recovery units (ERUs)
  • Explosion-proof interior chemical storage bunkers with containment
  • ISO cleanroom & gowning areas
  • Scanning electron microscope (SEM) room
  • Two new power services, new gas service, and backup power
Location: Billerica, MA
Value: $34 million
Size: 140,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management
Architect: Industrial Facilities Design, Inc.

Bruker Daltonics

Corporate Headquarters & Manufacturing Facility

This project included construction of a three-story light manufacturing building and corporate headquarters for the development of mass spectrometers used in the life sciences industries.

Project Features
  • 92,000 sf total
  • 1,500 sf ISO 8 production cleanroom
  • 8,000 sf atrium & product demonstration area
  • Two-story parts delivery system
  • Tiered conference & training center
  • Green roof with 3D company logo
  • Tempered waterfall for year-round operations
Location: Billerica, MA
Value: $13 million
Size: 92,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Woodbrier Architects