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  • General Contractors


Boston University - Robotics Laboratory

JMC developed an existing ground–floor-level, vacant space into a new state-of-the-art robotics engineering R&D lab in BU's Engineering Product Innovation Center (EPIC). The lab is equipped with the latest technology and enables faculty and students to design, develop, and test their projects.

Project Features
  • 5,000 sf
  • 1,000 sf experimental arena with netted cage, 50 infrared cameras, and short-throw projectors
  • Lab/bench space for equipment and tools
  • Open work space and collaboration areas
  • Conference room
  • Kitchenette
  • Storage space
  • Fully integrated MEP/IT system, including LED lights, snorkel exhausts, compressed air lines, and video monitoring system
Location: Boston, MA
Size: 5,000 sf
Delivery Method: General Contracting
Architect: Wilson Architects

Boston University - College of Arts & Sciences Renovations

JMC renovated four traditional classrooms on the lower level of the CAS building to create two new lecture halls totaling 2,900 sf. The tiered-lecture setting in each room was designed to enhance professor/student interaction with clear visibility that accommodates student and faculty needs.

Project Features
  • Combined four CAS classrooms into two large lecture halls
  • Modern, updated finishes
  • New audio/visual systems featuring "smart" technology
  • Strategically placed white boards for collaboration
  • MEP systems upgrades
Location: Boston, MA
Value: $1.2 million
Delivery Method: General Contracting
Architect: Wilson Architects

Northeastern University - Egan Engineering/Science Research Center Laboratories

JM Coull provided gut renovations to six laboratories in the Egan Engineering/Science Research Center – Labs 157, 160, 216, 230, 231, and 464. JMC worked with Northeastern's commissioning agent to perform functional testing of all MEP systems and to ensure labs were operational prior to move-in day.

Project Features
  • 5,600 sf total
  • Complete renovations to six labs
  • New fume hoods with occupancy sensors to control exhaust flow and sash positions
  • Updated finishes
  • MEP system upgrades
  • New epoxy flooring
  • Extension of existing nitrogen line from loading dock tank farm to Lab 231 and provision of future tees and valves for other labs
  • Aluminum & glass storefront to support Northeastern's "Science on Display" campaign
Location: Boston, MA
Delivery Method: General Contracting
Size: 5,600 sf
Architect: Linea 5
Engineer: BR+A and RW Sullivan

Northeastern University - Mugar Life Sciences Building & Forsyth Building Projects

JMC performed renovations to multiple classrooms, offices, and laboratories in the Mugar Life Sciences Building and Forsyth Building totalling more than 7,300 sf. The labs provide students and faculty with updated space to conduct a variety of important research, and the upgraded lecture hall and offices offer modern learning and working environments.

Project Features
  • Mugar Lecture Room 201 (1,700 sf) – upgrades to 187-seat lecture hall that serves science and engineering students
  • Forsyth Engineering Offices (3,700 sf) – complete renovation of existing labs to create office space for engineering department
  • Nanomaterial Lab for Catalysis & Advanced Separations – the renovated lab enables faculty to work with nanostructured materials for applications in clean and renewable energy
  • Polymer Chemistry & Nanobiotechnology Lab – interdisciplinary lab for research of preventative and therapeutic vaccines and drugs that can be released at specific times or when an external trigger is applied
Location: Boston, MA
Value: $2.1 million
Size: 7,370 sf
Delivery Method: General Contracting
Architect: Wilson Architects

Whitinsville Christian School - New Fine Arts Center & Gymnasium

JMC, working with Dixon Salo Architects, constructed Whitinsville Christian School's new 33,000 sf fine arts center and gymnasium. The theater includes a professional audio and acoustical system and provides a modern new space for the school's performances and musical productions. The gym is home to Whitinsville's boys and girls basketball teams, and hosts a variety of other athletic events.

Project Features
  • Performing arts theater – stage, seating, curtains, lighting system, audiovisual system
  • Gym – bleachers, basketball court, scoreboard, athletic equipment, training room
  • Lobby (joins theater and gym) – concession area and trophy display case
  • 10,000 sf addition with enclosed connection bridge
  • Patio, ramp, handicap parking, new road and sidewalks
  • Three-phase design-build construction
  • Extensive site clearing
  • Existing gas service extension
Location: Whitinsville, MA
Value: $12.6 million
Size: 33,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Dixon Salo Architects
Consultants: Nextstage Design, Acentech Studio A

Concord Academy

Campus Improvements

JM Coull served as construction manager for a number of projects at Concord Academy (an independent college preparatory school) located in the heart of historic Concord located in the heart of historic Concord. The 39-acre campus serves 400 students in grades 9 through 12, and brings a focus on creative problem solving and expression to its curriculum. The renovations provided students, faculty, and staff with updated spaces while still maintaining the historical aesthetics of downtown Concord.

Project Features
  • “Bride's House" - renovated to accommodate school's administrative o ces
  • Headmaster's House renovations
  • Student center expansion and renovation
Location: Concord, MA
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk

Smith College

Housing Renovations

JM Coull completed renovations to six Smith College residence halls under this “summer slammer" project.

Project Features
  • Upgraded student rooms
  • Renovated dining facilities
  • Updated common areas
  • Remodeled bathrooms
  • New kitchenette
  • Fast-track schedule
Location: Northampton, MA
Value: $1.3 million
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: J. Ferrera Associates

“JM Coull's construction team worked tirelessly to bring our student housing upgrades to completion on time and under budget. Thank you!"– Karla Youngblood, Project Manager, Smith College

The Discovery Museums

Museum Renovation & Expansion

JM Coull was selected by The Discovery Museums for its 17,000 sf, multi-phase renovation and expansion project. The new spaces will enable the Museums to provide visitors with enhanced hands-on learning experiences. The project also achieves Discovery's mission to get children outside to play and explore their natural environment.

Project Features
  • Phase 1 – "Discovery Woods" ADA-compliant fully accessible playscape featuring a nature trail, willow tunnel, community swing, rain garden, and treehouse (built by The Treehouse Guys)
  • Phase 2 – 9,000 sf science museum addition and renovations, providing much-needed square footage for new and current exhibits. These new spaces support the museum's commitment to authentic, hands-on learning through play by focusing on early brain development, inventing/tinkering, math, and water & air
Location: Acton, MA
Size: 17,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Cambridge Seven Associates, Inc.
Landscape Architect:Lemon|Brooke Landscape Architecture

University of New Hampshire - Gables Apartment Renovations

Gables Apartment Renovations

JM Coull renovated 101 apartments in the Gables A, B and C apartment buildings as a “summer slammer" project. JMC updated kitchens, entry closets, common rooms, bedrooms, vanities, showers, toilets, and interior corridors as well as the main hallway on each floor.

Project Features
  • 3 buildings comprising 101 suites with 1,134 total rooms
  • 54,000 total man hours
  • 1,440 gallons of paint used
  • 63 windows removed and installed
  • 350 workers (at a minimum) involved
  • 1,599 cabinets installed
  • 153,990 sf carpet/tile/VCT installed
  • 14,850 countertops and sill installed
  • All work completed in just 68 days
Location: Durham, NH
Contract Amount: $6.7 million
Size: 101 apartments
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect/Engineer: Harriman Architects and Engineers

University of New Hampshire - Smith Hall Renovations

Smith Hall Renovations

JM Coull transformed a former dormitory on the UNH campus into office space for several departments. The new space houses the Admissions Department, Counseling Center, the Center for Academic Resources, and Disability Services for Students.

Project Features
  • Office ce suite
  • Conference rooms
  • Presentation room
  • Reception area
  • Improved energy e ciency (digital controls, upgraded light xtures)
  • Fire protection system upgrades
  • Air-conditioning provisions
Location: Durham, NH
Size: 27,500 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect/Engineer: Warren Street Architects

University of New Hampshire - Imaging Core Facility

Imaging Core Facility

JM Coull constructed UNH's Imaging Core Facility, located within the university's Instrumentation Center. The project involved relocation of UNH's transmission electron microscope to the space, as well as lab renovations to accommodate students' research. The space is primarily used by UNHs' chemistry and molecular, cellular, and biomedical sciences departments, but is available to industry and other academic institutions.

Project Features
  • Demo & reconstruction of existing storefront and stairwell
  • New partitions
  • Relocation of existing fume hood
  • New mechanical system & controls upgrades
  • Process piping (involved underground trenching from adjacent building utilities)
  • Exposed, painted overhead piping
  • “Cloud" acoustical ceiling tiles
Location: Durham, NH
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Port City Architects
Engineer: Allied Engineering

Northeastern University - Hayden Hall 009 Classroom Renovation

Hayden Hall 009 Classroom Renovation

JM Coull renovated two classrooms in Hayden Hall 009, which involved demolition of flooring and abandoned utility piping, conduit, ductwork, and junction boxes. Existing equipment and furniture were also removed from the space.

Project Features
  • 4,300 sf total
  • New casework partition with equipment storage dividing two classrooms
  • “Idea paint" marker board paint on select surfaces
  • Updated finishes
  • Upgraded MEP systems, including light fixtures & ceiling-mounted over- head projectors
  • Glass storefronts in each classroom
  • Vibrant, modern color palette
  • Accelerated schedule on busy college campus
  • Difficult access to project space, requiring careful arrangement of deliveries
Location: Boston, MA
Size: 4,300 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Linea 5
Engineer: BR+A

Northeastern University - Lifespan Emotional Development Laboratory

Lifespan Emotional Development Laboratory

JMC constructed the Lifespan Emotional Development Laboratory (LEDlab) to accommodate the research of an incoming psychology professor at Northeastern University. The lab provided a new space for research on the links between attention and emotion throughout the adult lifespan to determine how individuals of different ages manage their emotions. Research is also performed to determine what role attention plays in emotion regulation and maintenance of well-being.

Project Features
  • Reception area
  • Open work space
  • Testing rooms
  • Eye tracking technology
  • Strict acoustical requirements
  • Work performed during evenings to accommodate operations in adjacent spaces and office/labs above and below LEDlab
  • Project completed on aggressive schedule within an active, occupied academic building
Location: Boston, MA
Delivery Method: General Contracting
Architect: Wilson Architects

“I'm writing to thank you and your team for your expert work in constructing the state-of-the-art Lifespan Emotional Development lab (LEDlab) for our newest faculty member in the Psychology Department, Dr. Derek Isaacowitz. Your team was mindful of the needs of others in the department as the construction process unfolded and was flexible in terms of scheduling specific aspects of the project so as to impact our ongoing research and teaching as little as possible. We now have a highly functional new laboratory in a key area of research – and a happy new faculty member." -Joanne Miller, PhD, Psychology Department Chair, Northeastern University

Northeastern University - Mugar Life Science Building

Mugar Life Science Building

The Mugar Life Sciences Building is home to the Psychology, Biology, and Chemical Engineering Departments, as well as the College of Pharmacy that houses numerous laboratories and classrooms. JM Coull completed multiple projects within this occupied building while keeping the facility accessible throughout construction.

Project Features
  • Monaghan Lab – new space for investigating the cellular and molecular basis of complex tissue regeneration through the study of axolotl salamanders, which can regenerate many limbs and organs
  • College of Science Student Center Services – advising suite updates, including advisors' offices, help desk, reception area, and study room
  • Biological Surface Engineering & Microfluidics Lab – (702 sf) renovation for lab for designing microfluidic devices for applications in clinical diagnostics & regenerative medicine
  • Medicinal & Natural Product Chemistry Lab – (1,320 sf) the updated lab provides research space for students and faculty in developing antidotes for multi drug-resistant bacterial infections
Location: Boston, MA
Value: $1.65 million
Size: 8,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build & General Contracting
Architect/Engineer: Northeastern University