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Life Sciences

Applied Biosystems

Biotechnology Lab & Corporate Headquarters

JMC provided design, construction, and commissioning of a new corporate headquarters and laboratory facility to support Applied Biosystems' relocation to Bedford. Applied Biosystems, owned by Thermo Fisher Scientific, develops instruments and reagents for genetic analysis. The Bedford site created an advanced facility for the company's operations and production of human identification solutions, PCR systems, enzymes, and assays for a variety of applications.

Project Features
  • cGMP cleanroom lab suite
  • Molecular biology labs
  • Wet chemistry labs
  • Darkroom
  • Quality control lab
  • Explosion-proof hazardous waste storage
  • Offices & administrative areas
Location: Bedford, MA
Size: 30,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build; Open Book with GMP
Architect: Woodbrier Architects

Medtronic Vascular Division

Manufacturing Facility & Office Fit-Up

This complex 80,000 sf renovation included a 30,000 sf, ISO 8 stent manufacturing cleanroom suite, as well as administrative spaces. The facility houses Medtronic's production of devices and therapies used by healthcare professionals that have been proven to improve clinical outcomes. The building use group for the existing facility was re-classified from class B to class B, S1, F-1, A-3, and H-2.

Project Features
  • 80,000 sf total
  • 30,000 sf ISO 8 manufacturing cleanroom suite
  • Chemical storage area
  • Wet & dry labs for development of stent implements
  • Multiple structural steel modifications
  • Complete fireproofing systems & electrical and communications systems upgrades
  • Additional administrative and ancillary areas
Location: Danvers, MA
Size: 80,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Wessling Architects

Beckman Coulter

Genomic Servicing Facility Renovation & Fit-Up

JM Coull performed a gut renovation and fit-up to provide a new home for Beckman Coulter's expanded genomic servicing operations. A layered work plan was developed to accommodate a late request to shorten the original schedule by 20 days, enabling the company to keep up with customer demand. Beckman Coulter is a worldwide developer and manufacturer of products used in biomedical testing.

Project Features
  • Four BL2 labs with dedicated HVAC
  • 10 specialty wet & dry labs
  • 1,200 sf data server room with specialty HVAC & fire suppression systems
  • 20,000 sf dedicated lab production space with standby generator and UPS back-up system
  • Noise & vibration controls
  • Dust & vapor mitigation measures
  • Two tenants adjacent to space, requiring extensive coordination
Location: Danvers, MA
Size: 55,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Industrial Facilities Design, Inc.

Millipore - Training Facility

Technical Training Laboratory

JM Coull rehabilitated a former industrial manufacturing space into a first class training facility for this manufacturer of wafer filtration systems.

Project Features
  • 8,000 sf total
  • 2,000 sf lab
  • Seminar room
  • Classrooms
  • New HVAC systems, including specialized exhaust system
  • Process piping
Location: Bedford, MA
Size: 8,000 sf
Delivery Method: General Contracting
Architect: DiMella Shaffer

Millipore - Amicon Integration

Amicon Integration Project

JMC renovated an existing industrial manufacturing facility to install new research, development, and production laboratories.

Project Features
  • 45,000 sf total
  • Multiple labs
  • Demolition of hazardous materials bunkers
  • Remote-controlled robots used for demolition
  • Performed in fully occupied & operational facility
Location: Danvers, MA
Size: 45,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: DiMella Shaffer

Boston Scientific

Cell Biology Lab and Product Holding Facility

JM Coull renovated two existing areas located within Boston Scientific's previous headquarters in Natick. The company is a globally recognized developer and manufacturer of medical devices that are used across a range of medical specialties to improve patient outcomes. Boston Scientific supports healthcare practitioners in neurology, vascular, pulmonology, gastroenterology, cardiology, and orthopedics, among other disciplines.

Project Features
  • 5,000 sf total
  • Specialty lab furniture & fixtures
  • Inventory control areas
  • Material lift & storage system
  • Secure holding & distribution systems
  • New HVAC, electrical, and process equipment
  • Performed in fully occupied, operational facility
Location: Natick, MA
Size: 5,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Vanderweil Engineers

Bruker Daltonics

Corporate Headquarters & Manufacturing Facility

JM Coull constructed a 92,000 sf, three-story light manufacturing building and corporate headquarters for this leading analytical instrumentation company. The facility provides Bruker with increased space to develop innovative mass spectrometry solutions for the life sciences industry.

Project Features
  • 1,500 sf ISO 8 production cleanroom
  • 8,000 sf atrium & product demonstration area
  • Two-story parts delivery system
  • Tiered conference & training center
  • Green roof with 3D company logo
  • Tempered waterfall for year-round operations
Location: Billerica, MA
Value: $13 million
Size: 92,000 sf
Delivery Method: Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Woodbrier Architects

Pall Life Sciences

New England Center of Excellence

JM Coull was selected by Pall for 113,000 sf of renovations to its existing facility in Westborough. We enabled the company to maintain product development by expediting construction of one cleanroom; once validated by Pall, the balance of the cleanrooms were constructed. Pall delivers process solutions for biotech, pharmaceuticals, and biologics (plasma and vaccines), which have played a role in the development and manufacturing of life-saving drugs.

Project Features
  • 10 ISO 7 cleanrooms
  • 12 wet and dry labs
  • 2 cold rooms
Location: Westborough, MA
Size: 113,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build
Architect: Industrial Facilities Design, Inc.


Personalized Health Innovation Center of Excellence

JM Coull was selected by PerkinElmer to construct the company's new $14.9 million center of excellence in Hopkinton, where PerkinElmer's operations were consolidated from its California, Chicago, and Montreal locations. This multinational life sciences corporation provides innovative detection, imaging, and informatics systems for a range of applications, including newborn screening, cancer detection, infectious disease prevention, and cord blood and tissue banking.

Project Features
  • 40,000 sf, two-story office addition – executive and corporate offices, conference and training rooms, fitness center with locker rooms, and cafeteria
  • 15,000 sf warehouse addition & infill – automated racking system, new offices, and manufacturing space
  • 16,000 sf lab & office renovations – three new labs, new offices, and new MEP and process systemsy
  • 7,000 sf clean & non-clean production space – ISO 5 and 6 cleanrooms, upgraded electrical system, roof membrane replacement, and new power generator
Location: Hopkinton, MA
Value: $14.9 million
Size: 78,000 sf
Delivery Method: Design-Build and Construction Management at Risk
Architect: Gorman Richardson Lewis Architects