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JM Coull closely collaborates with our design team partners on all of our projects, regardless of whether or not they are design-build, and embraces their archi­tectural expertise. As part of the collaboration pro­cess, JMC uses our in-house BIM capabilities to both support our project architects and to enhance JMC's internal preconstruction efforts.

Our BIM Coordinator works directly with our architect and engineer partners to review design models, and then builds upon them to include construction-level details. He also uses BIM to deter­mine if any clashes exist among building systems once they are combined into a single model. This enables us to detect any issues early in the process and imple­ment resolutions before construction actually begins.

Our BIM Coordinator uses the latest software to create 3D models to capture multiple layers of information and build­ing details, which eliminates the needs to hire a third party for these services in many cases. His work en­ables us to test our ideas and refine our estimates more efficiently and accurately, without added cost. This results in better information for our clients to use in the decision-making process.

JM Coull's BIM services include:
  • Simulations & virtual walk-throughs
  • Scope & material quantity take-offs
  • Early programming & internal schematic design
  • Logistics plans
  • 3D renderings
  • Clash detection