Construction Consultants

Boston College

Chestnut Hill, MA

Helium Recovery System

Project Features
  • New equipment for gas recovery system
  • Associated high-purity piping, electrical, and HVAC upgrades
  • Architectural modifications
  • Performed on fast-tracked, “summer-slammer" schedule
  • Resulted in recovery of 80-90 percent of “waste" helium and approximately $5,000 in monthly savings to BC

JMC installed a helium recovery system in Boston College's scanning tunneling microscopy laborator, used by the college's physics research department. Helium is used in creating and maintaining the extremely low temperature environment required for students and faculty to perform nanoscale synthesis and characterization of quantum materials.
Delivery Method:
General Contracting

Wilson Architects, Boston, MA

“The technical expertise that JM Coull brought was a real asset on this job. We were in a hurry to get this system up and running so we could begin saving money on helium. JMC did the work quickly and efficiently."

– Dan Diorio, Engineering Project Manager, Boston College