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Recent Graduates

You've graduated. Now what? As a new graduate, it can be overwhelming to suddenly enter the "real world" and to start establishing a career. There are so many considerations: What kind of company do you want to work for? What kind of opportunities for growth will you have? What about salary and benefits? We know this is an exciting time for you, but also one that can be daunting.

What's it like to work at JM Coull?
At JMC, we like to think of ourselves as "right sized." That means you won't just be a number – your colleagues will actually know your name. You'll have the opportunity to become involved in interesting projects, learn more about the construction industry, gain hands-on experience, and work with great people.

One of the comments we hear most often about working at JMC is that we foster a collaborative, team-oriented environment. As a team, we support each other through encouragement, humility, and humor. We understand that each individual's growth furthers the growth of our company.

What if I don't have lots of experience?
We know. You're right out of college, and even though you may have some internships or co-ops under your belt, you're still green. We know that, and we don't expect you to have a lengthy resume of construction experience. We just expect you to keep an open mind and be willing to learn.

We all have to start somewhere: How hard work paid off from JMC Project Manager Heather Waice

After graduating from UNH in 2011 with a BS in Civil Engineering, Heather interviewed at JMC after being recommended by a current JMC employee. Unfortunately, at the time, the firm didn't have an available opening in operations, but recognized her enthusiasm and potential and offered to bring her on in a temporary administrative role until a position became available.

A dedicated employee, Heather worked hard to be promoted up the ranks, and it wasn't long after she was hired that she became a project engineer. Over the next several years, Heather would again be promoted, first to assistant project manager, and then to her current position as project manager.

Heather has managed a number of projects for clients like Quanterix Corporation, Boston University, Boston College, Northeastern University, Charles River Community Health, Safecor Heath, and Waters Corporation. She has also successfully taken the lead on some unique academic projects, which is one of JMC's core service markets. A good example of this is the 17,000 sf addition and renovation to the Discovery Museum in Acton, MA. Additionally, she managed the new 33,000 sf, $12.6 million performing arts center and gymnasium project for Whitinsville Christian School, which is JMC's largest academic project to date. Both of these projects earned Associated Builders and Contractors' Excellence in Construction Awards.

Throughout the past seven years, Heather has demonstrated exceptional professional growth and development, and has established herself as an experienced project manager. As one of the more senior members of JMC's operations group, she mentors JMC assistant project managers, and is consistently recognized for her honesty, integrity, and dedication to her clients and their building needs.