Construction Consultants

Northeastern University

Boston, MA

Mugar Life Science Building

Project Features
  • 8,000 sf total
  • Monaghan Lab – new space to investigate the cellular and molecular basis of complex tissue regeneration through the study of axolotl salamanders, which can regenerate many limbs and organs
  • College of Science Student Center Services – advising suite updates, including advisors' offices, help desk, reception area, and study room
  • Biological Surface Engineering & Microfluidics Lab (702 sf) – lab for designing microfluidic devices for applications in clinical diagnostics &
    regenerative medicine
  • Medicinal & Natural Product Chemistry Lab (1,320 sf) – the updated lab provides research space for student and faculty in developing antidotes for multi drug-resistant bacterial infections

The Mugar Life Sciences Building is home to the Psychology, Biology, and Chemical Engineering Departments, as well as the College of Pharmacy that houses numerous laboratories and classrooms. JM Coull completed multiple projects within this occupied building while keeping the facility accessible throughout construction.
Delivery Method:
Design-Build & General Contracting

Northeastern University Boston, MA