Construction Consultants

Skyworks Solutions, Inc.

Woburn, MA

pH Neutralization Project

Project Features
  • 5,500 sf total
  • Excavation of 500 cy material to accommodate new underground tanks
  • Three (3), 2,500-gallon underground tanks dosed with caustic acids to neutralize waste for discharge into MA Water Resources Authority facility
  • Poured concrete pad to support tanks
  • Secondary containment system
  • Custom controls & flow meter

JMC provided upgrades to accommodate Skyworks' increased flow of effluent waste from the firm's semiconductor manufacturing operations. The project was essential for expanding capacity, providing the company with three additional underground effluent tanks. Skyworks' semiconductors are used in wireless networking solutions for its customers in industries such as aerospace and defense, medical devices, smart energy, wearable devices, and media.
Delivery Method:

Capaccio Environmental Engineering
Marlborough, MA