Construction Consultants

Web Industries

Holliston, MA

Project Enterprise

Project Features
  • Retrofit of an occupied COVID- 19 Test Kit Manufacturing facility
  • Increased shipping 200 kits per week to 2 million
  • Simultaneously upgraded the building for an increase from 50 employees to 500 in 10 months
  • 19 separate jobs, including:
    • Two (2) Production and Packaging Dryrooms - 12,500 total sq/ft
    • A Quality Control Lab Expansion
    • Multiple Room/Area Renovations
    • Numerous miscellaneous MEP/FP building and equipment upgrades including two (2) new equipment generators and a life safety generator
    • New, 3,400 sq/ft environmentally controlled room for Kitting with new mezzanine above for office and support functions
    • Expanded loading dock
    • Breakroom Addition to help accommodate hundreds of new employees

As part of the US Government's response to the spiking COVID-19 infections in the spring of 2020, it was determined that rapid testing capability was needed to identify and quarantine positive individuals while a vaccine was being developed. “Project Warp Speed" was born.

Web Industries' manufacturing plant in Holliston, MA was identified as one of the only plants in the country that could ramp up production in the timeline required. In keeping with the Star Trek theme, Web's “Project Enterprise" had one overriding goal, “…to boldly go where no man has gone before." In this case, the goal was to make over two (2) million test kits per week, something no Web plant had done before.
Delivery Method:

Industrial Facilities Design, Inc.
Hopkinton, MA
Award Winner:
ENR Regional Best
Projects, New England
Merit Award
"One month into the pandemic, Web Industries had one of the only production-ready facilities in North America for manufacturing rapid COVID-19 antigen tests. Although we could start production within weeks, our capacity was limited to a 2,500 sf dry room and a facility designed for fewer than 100 employees. Enter JM Coull. Over the next ten months, as we ramped staffing from 50 to 500 employees and production from zero to millions of tests per week, JM Coull expanded the building and added 12,500-sqft of new dry rooms, 900-sqft of white room manufacturing, electrical, air, plumbing, septic and other infrastructure, mezzanine offices, and new parking. They did all of this while maintaining strict COVID protocols in an active medical-grade manufacturing environment…JM Coull’s professionalism, flexibility, and get-it-done approach were game changers for Web Industries. Together, we delivered millions of tests at a time when they really made a difference to bringing the pandemic under control. Thanks to everyone at JM Coull and your subs. We could not have done it without you."

– Michael Q., VP & Program Manager, Web Industries